The Big Bass Kayak Championship the "weekend anglers" Kayak tournament by the official magazine of the "weekend angler," Bassin' Magazine.


How does it work you ask? It is simple. Based on Bassin' belief of catch and release, Bassin Magazine designed this tournament for you. Here's how.


Pay the $25 entry fee, and get 1 year free of Bassin' Magazine delivered to you in your mailbox. Also get the official BBKC CODE in your email box. When you receive the official BBKC CODE, START FISHING!


Catch a fish. Any size bass! (BBKC finalists sometimes can not make it to the finals and 2nd place is invited!) Always send in your catch! Take a photo of your catch with the official F&H Ruler, showing the bass length. Make sure you show the entire ruler and fish in the photo, with your designated BBKC Code. 2nd photo is you holding the fish. Since we are Kayak fishing, a hawg trough device is allowed to measure your fish.(Take your best selfie shot, you may end up on the cover of Bassin' Magazine!) Complete the certification forms and mail it in with your photos. 


Watch the official leaderboard site at www.bigbasskayakchampionship.com  and see your name next to your state! Its that easy! You are fishing anyway! You can't win if you don't enter!